Scalable IoT solutions for any business

Analytics for Business Intelligence

Take advantage of data from connected devices and sensors to create valuable insights. Collect and store historical data for adaptive learning and create scenes to automate event detection. Build powerful solutions with advanced analytics to improve business operations for delivery of intelligent, targeted solutions to customers.

Build and Connect to Manage Devices

Highly cost-effective for device management and data storage. Setup a number of connected sensors or devices to transmit data to the cloud, enabling access of real-time and historical data anytime.

Secure Transmission

Support for messaging protocols, including LWM2M, MQTT and HTTP for reliable data transmission

Highly Scalable

Decentralized cloud architecture to support massive-scale stream processing

Collect and Store

Capture real-time data and store historical data for model development and pattern recognition

Analytics for Valuable Insights

Empower enterprises to monitor device status in real-time to allow for fast response times to potential problems.

  • Real-time collection of device data for cloud-based batch and stream analysis
  • Predictive monitoring with anomaly detection and alarm triggers to alert administers
  • Comprehensive reports with analysis to improve operations and management

One-Stop Intuitive Interface

A comprehensive hub to help businesses gather, organize, analyze data to provide meaningful value.

  • Easy to use interface with simple drag and drop features or one-click to instantly query and filter data
  • Visualizations to help interpret complex data, overall patterns and identify abnormal activity
  • Interactive timeline displaying data for any given time frame and responds to changing environment