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Various Connected Car Applications with IoT and 4G Network

With the Kalay Platform and built-in 4G network within vehicles, smart devices can easily establish in-vehicle connectivity via the internet. Real-time video streaming, data collection and analytics, as well as multimedia and in-vehicle entertainment can all be displayed and controlled by an infotainment system.

Infotainment System
Smart E-Mirror

Cross-device and Platform for a Seamless Connected Car Experience

ThroughTek’s Kalay Platform live video streaming technology enables vehicle owners to enjoy seamless connection and experience beyond the vehicle interior space. With an intuitive app, vehicle owners can remotely control connected car functionalities. Additionally, the Kalay Platform supports 3rd party integrations to provide the flexibility for comprehensive vehicle applications.

High Quality with Live Dashcam Streaming

The Kalay Platform’s real-time transmission technology allows users to monitor vehicle dashcams via app, while simultaneously record videos to an SD card for safekeeping.

Impact-sensing Recording for Evidence

Automatic recording in the event of a collision or when the anti-theft system is triggered so that vehicle owners can immediately playback the incident and backup the files for use as evidence.

Real-Time Notifications for Collisions

Improve safety and maintenance by alerting and sending real-time notifications to vehicle owners in the event of an emergency, allowing vehicle owners to report the incident and share with family members.

Cloud-based Management for Vehicle Data with 3rd Party Integrations

The Kalay Platform uses smart link technology to establish connections and enabling traditional vehicles to transmit data to the cloud management platform, empowering automakers and dealers to stay connected and better understand consumer behaviors, while providing improved services through data analysis reports.

Account and Device Management

All-in-one system with a single app interface allowing vehicle owners to stay connected and manage devices for a smarter and more intuitive experience.

Real-time Data Collection

Collect real-time information from built-in smart devices and sensors to understand driver behaviors and vehicle performance through accurate data to help partners such as insurance companies deliver personalized services and plans.

OTA Updates

Allow vehicle owners to update software with OTA using a mobile app, without having to pay a visit to the car dealer in order to enjoy all the latest product features.