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IoT Makers' Battle Report
Apple Ranked Most Recognizable IoT Brand, with Google Least Recognized among Consumers

The report found nearly half of consumers aware of IoT devices on the market are most familiar with Apple's IoT devices (48%), while surprisingly only 13 percent are most familiar with Google's connected devices. Rounding this ranking are Samsung (22%) and Amazon (15%). Beyond familiarity, regarding purchase preference, one in four consumers noting a top preference of an IoT brand most prefer Apple (29%), whereas nearly one in five prefer Samsung (19%), 14 percent Google and 10 percent Amazon.

Internet of Challenges Report
One in Three Americans Believe the Fully Connected Home Will be Possible within the Next Year

The survey found that one in three (31%) Americans believe a fully connected home will be achievable in the next year, and 60 percent within the next five years, with 59 percent of consumers being drawn to the benefits of IoT-driven energy efficiency. However, for widespread IoT adoption, two major obstacles remain: cost and security. The majority of American consumers - 88 percent - are unwilling to pay more than $250 for a connected device, while 27 percent are primarily anxious about lack of security for their personal data.